Off-Page SEO: What You Need to Know to Rank High

A secret to ranking on the first page is doing certain things away from your website. It’s known as Off-Page SEO.

Data Breaches: You Need to Take Them Seriously

Data breaches can release passwords, email addresses, mailing addresses and phone numbers. It’s all a goldmine to scammers.

Google+ is Ending: What To Do for SEO?

When Google+ ends it will mean the loss of a trusted SEO tactic for businesses. But there are other social sites that can help.

Marketing Messages: Avoid Confusion

Make sure your prospects aren’t confused by your marketing messages. These 5 steps will help them be clear & concise.

Social Media: Key Takeaways from Social Fresh 2018

At Social Fresh 2018 marketers shared and learned the latest social media strategies and trends for marketing businesses.

Search Engine Optimization: What Is It?

Are you confused by search engine optimization, or SEO? What is it and why is it important? We explain in this blog post.

Marketing Metrics: 3 Ways to Track Effectiveness

Marketing metrics can give a clear understanding how your efforts are performing and tell you what works and what does not.

Social Media: “I Don’t Like it, Why Do I need It?”

You may not like social media personally but they are still affordable, targeted and viable marketing channels.

Online Marketing Services

  • SEO

    We use search engine optimization (SEO) practices and strategies to optimize your website so that it is configured in a way that will deliver better search rankings. That helps you get found! If your website needs updating, we can help you with a new business site built on the SEO-friendly Word Press platform.

  • Content

    You need to tell the story of your business and we can help you do that by creating relevant, frequent and consistent content. Doing so meets the requirements of the Google algorithm. That content can take the form of blog posts, videos or podcasts.

  • Social Media

    We promote your website content on a regular basis across social media channels. But we don't use just any social site. We strategically choose the right networks that fit your target audience. When your content resonates with them, they will click through to your website to read more. This drives traffic back to your site and helps to deliver enhanced search rankings.

  • Review Management

    Having positive reviews are a big part of convincing consumers to buy. They also play a significant role in getting found on the internet today. Our Review Management Service can help you get more reviews, manage those you want to list, and turn poor reviews into great ones!

  • Podcasting

    Podcasting is one of the fastest growing media forms today! It’s become very accessible for listeners and very affordable for businesses. Podcasting allows organizations to share content in a unique, entertaining and personal way.

  • Online Marketing Guys

    We understand that the world of online marketing can be pretty confusing. That’s why we produce Online Marketing Guys. The show delivers useful information on a specific topic every week and we do it in a fun, friendly style.

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