LinkedIn: 3 Simple Ways to Use it for Marketing

LinkedIn: 3 Simple Ways to Use it for Marketing

NOVEMBER 2, 2017 – Are you a B2B looking for cost-effective ways to market your small business? LinkedIn has many features built into the platform that make it easy for users to build awareness. While there are multiple ways to do this, here are the top-three.

Search Optimize Your Profile or Page

The fields inside a personal profile or a business page are searchable across LinkedIn. They provide you with an opportunity to be found during searches for certain keywords. So you will want to search optimize the personal profiles of your team and also your company’s page.

Start by identifying the keywords you believe someone would use in a search if they were looking for a company such as yours. You may want to do some keyword research to be sure you’re targeting the rights keywords.

During this process, it’s often a good idea to get some feedback from outside your company. Often, those inside will want to use industry terms or jargon that those would never use. This is a trap that you want to avoid. Search optimizing for industry terms won’t help you when those searching are using other keywords.

Selecting the best terms becomes even more important when you consider that Google indexes LinkedIn. That means that what you put on your profile or page can appear in a relevant Google search. Would you like to have some proof of this last statement? Just search your name. If you have a LinkedIn profile, it will appear in the search results. 

Post Frequently

Just as you can on Facebook, you can make posts from both your personal profiles and your company page. When you do, the posts will appear on the Home page feed of your followers.

You can make posts by clicking on the field at the top of the Home page that reads, “Share an article, or update.” After writing your message, click the “Post” button.

When you post consistently and frequently, it will begin to build top of mind awareness. Thus when one of your followers is in a position to make a buying decision, they’ll think of you.

It’s also important to note here that making posts on LinkedIn is different than when you make them personally on Facebook or other social platforms. LinkedIn is a professional, business network. Users are looking for and expecting posts to be about business topics.   So it would be to your benefit to post content that is relevant to what your business does.

Use LinkedIn’s Publishing Platform

To help users present and share longer forms of content, LinkedIn created Pulse. It is a publishing platform open to all users. Think of it as writing a blog or article that becomes available to all of your followers. Writing articles about your business, products, services or industry will highlight your knowledge and expertise.

If you already blog on your website, you should still consider using Pulse because many of your LinkedIn followers may not be exposed to your blog. Publishing here gives you added exposure.

You may want to post the same article on LinkedIn and your website. However, that may not be the best idea from a SEO standpoint. Google penalizes websites that have duplicate content. But you could write a variation of the same article for your blog and be in the clear.

Creating an article is easy. At the top of the home page feed, below the post field, you will see the “Write an article” button. Click it. Doing so will take you to the new post screen. Here you can add a photo for your article, a headline that describes it and your content.

When creating your headline, think about keywords that people might use to search for this content. You will also want to be creative here to entice readers to click and read more. Headlines that begin with “How to…” or that are a variation of “3 Easy Ways to…” often get better click results.

Also, be sure you have permission to use your photo or image. If you don’t have the rights, you should consider finding an alternative.

Finally, don’t forget to organize your content. Your copy should be broken down into sections and identified with subheadings. This will make it more attractive and easy to read.

The Wrap

LinkedIn’s features are designed to help individuals and businesses market themselves. Search optimizing your profile and company page, creating posts that are frequent, consistent and relevant and using the publishing platform to write articles will build awareness for you and your company while also establishing your expertise.

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Bob Turner is an Online Marketing Consultant with Social Flair in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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