Blog Posts: What Form Should They Take?

Blog Posts: What Form Should They Take?

AUGUST 30, 2017 – Not long ago, a client asked me what form their blog posts should take. They wondered if the content should be all informational, industry news, customer stories or some other type of articles.

My answer was, “Yes!” Your website’s blog can include all of those content forms and more, as long the posts are relevant to what you do.

Your Blog Posts Can Be Flexible

The beauty of your blog is that it is an opportunity for you to write whatever you want about your business. While your website pages need to explain your products or services, your blog is like a weekly update. Those topics can vary as long as it has something to do with your business.

For example, maybe there’s been a change in your industry. If so, write about it and give your opinion on whether it is a good or bad for customers. Have you come across a special customer story that really highlights the effectiveness of your product or service? Use your blog to tell that story. Many businesses get asked the same questions over and over. A blog post is the perfect way to address those, as well.

If your business produces videos or podcasts, your blog is a great place to post a synopsis of each one. Just be sure to include a link to that specific piece of content so your site visitors can view or listen to it.


While your blog posts can be varied, all of the content should be relevant to what you do. To be relevant is to be connected with what your business does.  So if you sell apples, don’t talk about oranges.

But you can write about all the different topics that concern apples. The many types, the different ways you can prepare them, the best apple slicers, the latest news about apples…the list can be very long.

The same is true when you’re trying to develop blog topics. They don’t have to be all one type, as long as they are linked in some way to your product or service.

The Wrap

Developing blog topics is not as difficult as it seems on the surface. Especially when you realize that each article does not have to fall into a specific content category.

Allowing your blog posts to be flexible and take different forms will not only make it easier to come up with topics, it will also give you a variety of content for which your website could be found in search.

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Bob Turner is a Small Business Online Marketing Consultant with Social Flair in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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