1. Social Media Marketing: The Tactic of Choice

    Nearly 75% of small business owners say social media marketing is their tactic of choice for online marketing.

  2. SEO Content: Make Your Blogs Rank

    If you want your blogs to be found in the search results, then you should engage in SEO Content practices.

  3. Online Marketing: Make it Intentional

    For online marketing to be successful it must be intentional. There must be a strategy behind it and every post must support it.

  4. SSL Certificate: Why You Need One 

    The number one reason why SSLs are important for businesses is that having one can help your search rankings.

  5. Facebook Fans: They Just Don’t Matter Anymore

    The number of Facebook fans a page has is meaningless. To market your business there you must boost posts or use Facebook ads.

  6. Video: Just How Important is it?

    From creating a likable, trusting impression to helping your business get found in search, video’s benefits outweigh other forms of media.

  7. CCPA: The New GDPR Law in California

    When it goes into effect on January 1, 2020, CCPA will be one of the toughest data privacy laws in the country.

  8. Facebook Ads: Why They’re Necessary

    With organic reach dead, Facebook ads have become the most effective way to reach your target market on that platform.

  9. GDPR: Why You Need to Comply with this EU Law

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect last month to protect the private data of EU residents.

  10. LinkedIn: Why B2B Business Needs to be Active

    Being active on LinkedIn has clear advantages for B2Bs including building awareness, establishing expertise, growing reach, SEO and networking.