1. First Page Results: Working with Google’s Algorithm

    To show on the first page involves complying with what the Google search algorithm rewards and understanding that it is an on-going process.

  2. SEO: The Two Phases to Getting Your Website Found

    SEO is not a one-time practice. It’s a 2-phase approach with on-going practices that need carried out over a long period.

  3. Facebook Pros and Cons for Businesses

    With Facebook’s recent data breach you might be wondering if the site is still worth your time. We take a look at the Facebook pros and cons to answer that question.

  4. Rank Higher with a Google My Business Account

    A Google My Business page is your company’s home on the Google platform. Having an account will also help you rank higher. |

  5. Converting Traffic: You Need Landing Pages

    Converting traffic from social media channels requires landing pages that are methodically designed for that purpose.

  6. Do I Need a Website? Yes, and It’s More Important Than Ever

    You need a website because of control: You decide how it looks, what functionality it has and what content is on it.

  7. Voice Search: What You Need to Know

    Voice search is growing in popularity with consumers and becoming more important for businesses if they want to be found.

  8. LinkedIn Changes Reduce Your Ability to Market There

    The LinkedIn changes involve grading each update when it’s created to predict its probability of generating engagement.

  9. Facebook Changes: The Site is Cutting Page Post Visibility

    Because of new Facebook changes, posts from business pages will be shown less and posts from friends and groups will be presented more.

  10. Understanding SEO: It’s Like a Car Race

    Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, understanding SEO and what it does is the first step toward ranking better.