1. Holiday Wishes To All Peoples

    Though we might have separate celebrations, they are not a reason to divide us. Rather, the Holiday Season is a time for celebrations of life and love.

  2. Finding The Superman Moment in Your Career

    When you know you are doing exactly what you are meant to do then you can experience your Superman Moment.

  3. Professional Detachment: How Your Career Can Benefit From It

    Professional detachment gives you the ability to rationally understand and accept your role within the organization and carry it out.

  4. Is It Time to View Customers as Partners?

    Let’s begin to think of our customers as partners in the deal that we are making with them. The relationship we have with them can be open and honest. I believe this change of attitude can lead to stronger and longer-lasting ties with our customers.

  5. 5 Career-Risking Reasons Not to Post Negative Comments on Social Media

    Posting negative comments on social media is not only in bad taste but it can also seriously risk your career opportunities moving forward.

  6. The Power of Courtesy as a Marketing Strategy

    Exercising courtesy builds relationships. It keeps customers coming back, even if your business makes a mistake. If you handle it correctly, you can win that upset customer over and have a fan for life.

  7. Google’s Updates Place Emphasis on Organic Content

    In 2014, Google changed how it will rank web pages. Organic content is now a leading factor in their algorithm, and that has resulted in a win-win-win scenario for Google, searchers and businesses.

  8. Looking Back to Make Plans for 2015

    For me, the end of the year is a good time to reevaluate, reset and reenergize for the year ahead. It’s a chance to look back, to help me get ahead in 2015.