1. Marketing Messages: Avoid Confusion

    Make sure your prospects aren’t confused by your marketing messages. These 5 steps will help them be clear & concise.

  2. Video: Just How Important is it?

    From creating a likable, trusting impression to helping your business get found in search, video’s benefits outweigh other forms of media.

  3. Marketing Plan: Tying Social and Your Blog to It

    Your marketing plan is the blueprint for your marketing efforts. It defines your goals and how you will reach them.

  4. Understanding Marketing to Avoid Shiny-New-Object-Syndrome

    By understanding the origins of marketing, we can use the practice more effectively in today’s high-tech world and avoid “Shiny-New-Object-Syndrome” and high-tech distractions.

  5. The Power of Courtesy as a Marketing Strategy

    Exercising courtesy builds relationships. It keeps customers coming back, even if your business makes a mistake. If you handle it correctly, you can win that upset customer over and have a fan for life.

  6. 3 Benefits of Blogging That Your Business Needs

    Blogging has real, substantial benefits to your business. They include helping your website’s search ranking, demonstrating your industry expertise and widening your search availability.

  7. Google’s Updates Place Emphasis on Organic Content

    In 2014, Google changed how it will rank web pages. Organic content is now a leading factor in their algorithm, and that has resulted in a win-win-win scenario for Google, searchers and businesses.

  8. Businesses Should Reinvent Themselves Like Doctor Who

    Every business needs to look internally every few years to evaluate where they are, what they’re offering, and if anyone really wants it. Then, they need to adjust to these new findings. Like Doctor Who, they need to regenerate.