1. User Generated Content on Online Marketing Guys – Social Flair

    User generated content is created by your customers. It includes, photos, videos and reviews and typically includes a hashtag for tracking.

  2. Website Design: The Science Behind It

    Developers use brain science to help them make website design choices that subconsciously appeal to our brains.

  3. Video: Why You Should Use It: Online Marketing Guys

    Video is everywhere today. If you’re not using it as part of your marketing, listen to this episode to learn why you should.

  4. Social Media Marketing Report 2017: What’s Working for Marketers

    This annual report lets marketers see how others are using social media and allows them to discover what’s working and what isn’t.

  5. Relevance in Your Online Marketing Content

    Having relevance is about sharing helpful, valuable information-packed content that your target audience wants to consume.

  6. Reputation Management Using Online Marketing

    Reputation management involves shaping perception about a person or business by influencing online content about them.

  7. Online Marketing: The Future – Online Marketing Guys

    As the internet evolves, online marketing basics will continue to be the driver in successful messaging with target audiences.

  8. Being Found Online- Online Marketing Guys

    If being found online is important to you or your business website, then using social media strategically should be part of your marketing plan.

  9. Social Media Censorship – Online Marketing Guys

    If one of the social media sites you are posting to deems your content to be inappropriate, you could be banned.

  10. Content Marketing: Heroes

    The Cleveland Cavaliers used content marketing to acknowledge fan pain and then used classic marketing to offer their solution.