1. Converting Traffic: You Need Landing Pages

    Converting traffic from social media channels requires landing pages that are methodically designed for that purpose.

  2. Do I Need a Website? Yes, and It’s More Important Than Ever

    You need a website because of control: You decide how it looks, what functionality it has and what content is on it.

  3. Voice Search: What You Need to Know

    Voice search is growing in popularity with consumers and becoming more important for businesses if they want to be found.

  4. LinkedIn Changes Reduce Your Ability to Market There

    The LinkedIn changes involve grading each update when it’s created to predict its probability of generating engagement.

  5. Facebook Changes: The Site is Cutting Page Post Visibility

    Because of new Facebook changes, posts from business pages will be shown less and posts from friends and groups will be presented more.

  6. Understanding SEO: It’s Like a Car Race

    Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, understanding SEO and what it does is the first step toward ranking better.

  7. LinkedIn Posts: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Do Them

    Making LinkedIn posts on your company page can grow reach, build awareness, establish expertise and create website’s traffic.

  8. Social Media Metrics Can Lead to Sales

    Social media metrics provide the necessary data to help marketers tweak posts or ads and make them more relevant to their target market.

  9. LinkedIn: 3 Simple Ways to Use it for Marketing

    LinkedIn has features that are designed to help individuals and businesses market themselves in a multitude of ways.

  10. Google Search Results: Can Your Website be Found?

    Ranking well in the Google search results is essential today if you want to be found by potential customers and get sales.