1. Google+ is Ending: What To Do for SEO?

    When Google+ ends it will mean the loss of a trusted SEO tactic for businesses. But there are other social sites that can help.

  2. SSL Certificate: Why You Need One 

    The number one reason why SSLs are important for businesses is that having one can help your search rankings.

  3. Understanding SEO: It’s Like a Car Race

    Whether you are a marketer or a business owner, understanding SEO and what it does is the first step toward ranking better.

  4. Website Ranking – The Four Things you Need

    If you need to get your website ranking higher, there are four factors that can help over time to positively impact your search position.

  5. Get Found: Tying SEO, Content & Social Media Together

    SEO, content and social media are components of a larger system that can help your website get found in searches.

  6. Social Media Can Impact Your Search Rankings in Four Ways

    There is plenty of data to support the notion that social media does play a role in search rankings.

  7. 6 Things to Improve Website Search Rankings

    There are straight-forward and simple steps you can take to improve your search rankings in-house.

  8. Medical Practices: Why They Need Marketing

    Medical practices are businesses and need patients to survive. To attract them, practices need to start marketing themselves.

  9. Digital Marketing Sweet Spot: Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO

    There’s a place where content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) come together and work effectively for your business. I call it the Digital Marketing Sweet Spot, and using it will help your search ranking.

  10. Google’s Updates Place Emphasis on Organic Content

    In 2014, Google changed how it will rank web pages. Organic content is now a leading factor in their algorithm, and that has resulted in a win-win-win scenario for Google, searchers and businesses.