1. Google+ is Ending: What To Do for SEO?

    When Google+ ends it will mean the loss of a trusted SEO tactic for businesses. But there are other social sites that can help.

  2. Social Media: Key Takeaways from Social Fresh 2018

    At Social Fresh 2018 marketers shared and learned the latest social media strategies and trends for marketing businesses.

  3. Social Media: “I Don’t Like it, Why Do I need It?”

    You may not like social media personally but they are still affordable, targeted and viable marketing channels.

  4. Social Media Marketing: The Tactic of Choice

    Nearly 75% of small business owners say social media marketing is their tactic of choice for online marketing.

  5. Facebook Ads: Why They’re Necessary

    With organic reach dead, Facebook ads have become the most effective way to reach your target market on that platform.

  6. Facebook Changes: The Site is Cutting Page Post Visibility

    Because of new Facebook changes, posts from business pages will be shown less and posts from friends and groups will be presented more.

  7. Social Media ROI: Held to a Different Standard

    Social media ROI is not easily quantified, but the same is true of print, radio and TV. Yet social is held to a different standard.

  8. Twitter: It’s Inconsistent Position on Censorship

    Twitter seems to be censoring content based on some criteria other than its rules, creating an inconsistent application of its policies.

  9. Social Media Trends: What’s New in 2016

    The only constant in the social media space is change and it’s important to keep up with the most recent social media trends.

  10. Get Found: Tying SEO, Content & Social Media Together

    SEO, content and social media are components of a larger system that can help your website get found in searches.