1. Facebook: Why It’s Still Worth Your Time

    As new social sites appear on the scene many wonder if Facebook is dead. Don’t you believe it! We tell you why on this week’s podcast episode of Social Monday.

  2. Facebook: 6 Reasons Why You Should Market There

    Facebook remains a viable business channel. It delivers the key demographic that most companies want to reach and has significant quantities of fringe demographic groups such as Millennials and Seniors, as well.

  3. Social Media Plan: The 7 Basics

    Your business should have a social media plan that lays out the specifics regarding your social media activities.

  4. LinkedIn Profile: 4 Reasons Why You Should Complete It

    Are you looking to change careers or need to be found in online searches? Then you need to complete your LinkedIn profile.

  5. 5 Career-Risking Reasons Not to Post Negative Comments on Social Media

    Posting negative comments on social media is not only in bad taste but it can also seriously risk your career opportunities moving forward.

  6. Social Media Marketing World Kicks Off

    Social Media Marketing World 2015 is “designed to inspire and empower” social marketers, bloggers and content marketing professionals from around the world.

  7. Using Share Teams to Move Past the Facebook Algorithm

    A year ago Facebook announced a change to their algorithm.  It resulted in business pages only reaching 1 or 2% of their…

  8. Doing Social Media Right is Like Working in a Newsroom

    I often get asked what is the best approach for businesses that use social media and blogging?  I see similarities between social…

  9. Digital Marketing Sweet Spot: Content Marketing, Social Media & SEO

    There’s a place where content marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) come together and work effectively for your business. I call it the Digital Marketing Sweet Spot, and using it will help your search ranking.

  10. Brevity is Key to Social Media Marketing

    Dictionary.com defines “Brevity” as “shortness of time or duration; briefness” or “the quality of expressing much in few words.” When it comes…