Cincinnati SEO Firm: Why Area Businesses Need It

Cincinnati SEO Firm: Why Area Businesses Need It

OCTOBER 5, 2017 – I live and work in Cincinnati, Ohio. I often hear area business people say they are unhappy with their search results. It’s a common complaint. According to, 61% of marketers want to improve their SEO and grow their organic presence. To do that, businesses need to search out and engage Cincinnati SEO firms.

Marketers understand the importance of ranking well in search results because of the behavior of consumers. Consider this: Most searchers never go past the first page and a significant portion, 34%, just click on the top position! These facts make ranking high a priority.

Still not convinced? Then consider these online facts.

Over 1 Billion Websites

As of August 2017, there were 1.24 billion websites on the internet! That is a staggering number and it is growing every day!

Unfortunately, that means the number of pages in your industry is growing, as well. They are all vying for attention and position in searches. Or, to put it another way, all of those websites are in competition with yours to get found and get sales.

Consumer Habits

How modern consumers buy today is also making SEO a must-have for businesses. Ninety-five percent of all Americans shop online at least once per year for the products or services they need.

Because online shoppers don’t actually see the products in person, researching them is a growing practice. In fact, 81% do online research before large purchases. If your website can be found during this research phase, your business has a better opportunity to make a sale.

But if your business website isn’t search optimized, you’re missing out on all this web traffic.

Your Website Could Be Invisible

To make the situation more difficult, Google won’t index your website if it has no basic search optimization done to it. Much of the SEO tells Google what your site is about.

Without that information, Google will not index your website. As a result, it will not show up in searches. For all intents and purposes your website would be invisible in that situation.

SEO is Ongoing

To make organic SEO effective, it has to be ongoing, as well. In addition to having a sound keyword strategy, businesses must comply with what Google’s algorithm wants if they desire better rankings. That involves adding new, optimized content on a consistent basis and having a uniform listing across the internet.

It also means having a Google My Business page and being active and engaging on certain social media channels on a regular basis.

The Solution: Find Cincinnati SEO Businesses

There is a lot of traffic taking place on the internet. Much of it relates to buying and selling. If your website is not search optimized and you are not engaging in some type of on-going SEO program to help you rank well, you are losing out on sales.

Here’s another way to look at it: One or more of your competitors is doing SEO.   If you’re not, you’re losing out to them. Can you really afford to let that continue?

If you want to find a Cincinnati SEO firm, call Social Flair at 513-237-5530 and let’s talk about your situation.

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Bob Turner is an Online Marketing Consultant with Social Flair, a Cincinnati SEO company.

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