Content: 5 Reasons to Distribute it Over Time

Content: 5 Reasons to Distribute it Over Time

Many of the businesses I work with are enthusiastic when they begin their content and social media marketing program. Some are so excited to begin telling their story and share their expertise that they want to get every piece of content they have on their website now so visitors can learn how great they are!

While initially this might sound like a good idea, there is actually a better strategy to follow: Consider parsing it out over time.


If you are following a content marketing program, then you probably have a blog where you intend to share updates. Use it to share your content slowly. Doing so has some very distinct advantages for your website and your business.

  1. Having Content for the Long Haul – The first and most important reason for distributing your content over time is that you will have it to distribute…over time. In other words, if you post everything at once, you won’t have anything to post in the future.  Instead, using your editorial calendar, parse it out slowly, each week.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The Google search algorithm rewards websites by improving their search rankings when they continually add new content .   If you simply throw it all on your site at once, you may struggle to find new items to add down the road.  Thus, if you want to improve your odds of being found in search, this is a great strategy to follow.
  3. Making Content Easier to Digest – Readers will be able to digest what you post, if what you share is simple and easy to handle, rather than abundant and complex.
  4. Building a Blog Audience – The best way to get people to visit your website and return later is by providing them with great content that they can use. If you post all of your best stuff in the beginning, you won’t have anything left to attract and retain these visitors later.
  5. Additional Search Availability – Sharing content on a weekly basis about topics that surround your core competency opens your website up to additional searches. As you share information about related industry items, someone searching such a topic will see your site in the search results. This pulls in traffic to your site that you might otherwise never get and creates top-of-mind awareness for that individual when he or she needs your products or services.

Create a Content Plan

Creating a plan for sharing over time starts with an editorial calendar. Dissect your content into bite-sized nuggets and place it on your calendar at regular intervals. When timely news regarding your industry becomes available, add it in and push back the other posts that you had planned for that week. This ensures that you will continue to have enough moving forward.

Sharing intentionally over time will help you to build an audience by providing interesting and useful content to them on a weekly basis. You will be giving them a reason to return to your site. Following such a plan will also enhance your reputation as an industry expert, because visitors will take note of the seemingly endless stream of information that you create.

But most importantly, you will be making your website more search friendly and helping it achieve a better position in search rankings.

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Bob Turner is a Small Business Online Marketing Consultant with Social Flair in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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