Facebook: 6 Reasons Why You Should Market There

Facebook: 6 Reasons Why You Should Market There

Young people are always the best early adopters. They see the potential of a new site or tool much faster than the rest of us. That’s how Facebook first took off. As a result, they will flock to one platform or another, leaving those over the age of 40 to wonder if they should continue to invest their time in the older social channels.

Here’s an example of this. I was meeting with a potential client not long ago who told me that his high school kids used Snapcaht and Instagram exclusively. He said they never opened Facebook and for that reason, he didn’t want to add it as a marketing channel. “It’s dead, right?” he asked me.

Facebook: Not Dead

Working in social media, I was a little surprised by this. Facebook is the Granddaddy of all social sites.   While it is not the social media of choice for young people, it is widely used by adults around the world and still a viable social channel for marketers.

Before you base a marketing decision on what your kids or grandkids are doing and drop this social site, consider these five reasons why you want to keep it in your marketing mix.

  1. It’s Where the People Are – According to com, as of July 2015, Facebook had 1.49 Billion monthly active users!
    1. The number of daily active users on the site was 968 million.
    2. Of those U.S. adults who are online, a whopping 71% use this network!
    3. Despite the observations of my potential client, 91% of Millennials, age 15 to 34, use Facebook, as well.
    4. Even Seniors use the site. 56% of internet users who are 65 or older are on this site.
  2. The Demographics You Want to Reach – The conventional wisdom is that women age 35 to 55 drive 80% of all spending decisions. PewInternet.org shows that the key demographics for Facebook align with this idea.
    1. Women age 30 to 49 account for 73% online adults who use the site, followed by those age 50 to 64 at 63%.
    2. 74% of online adults that use this social network earn $50,000 or more.
  3. Facebook Ads – Businesses on the site have the option of using ads to reach a targeted audience. Ads are a great way to build the number of fans to your business page with people who match your target customer profile. Doing this has two advantages:
    1. Your posts will be going out to people who have an interest in your products or services,
    2. The more fans you have, the wider the reach of your posts.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook also offers ads that will increase the traffic to your website. Again, these ads are targeted to those users you want to reach and get them to your website.

Ads are very affordable, as well, especially compared to traditional media such as print, radio or TV. You can advertise to your target market for as little as $5.00 per day.

  1. Promoted Posts – Specific posts can be pushed out beyond your fans by using Facebook’s Promoted Posts feature. Promoted Posts are targeted, just as ads are and you pay to promote one, individual post. The posts will appear in the newsfeeds of users that you target.If your business is running a sale or other promotion, using promoted posts can reach users who are not yet your fans. They are also great for pushing out positive news about your business.
  2. Expanded Reach – Because of the way that Facebook works, every post you make has an opportunity of being shared by your fans. Those posts that are shared then reach the friends of your fans. These are Facebook users who are not fans of your page.Thus, your posts have the potential of reaching a wider audience every time you post. Because of that, you need to make sure that your posts are relevant, interesting and entertaining so that your fans think them worthy of being shared.
  3. Facebook Groups – Facebook allows groups of users to form around central topics. Search for a topic and you’ll probably find a group related to it. Some groups might be private, thus membership in it needs approved by the group admin. Others are open and public.Would being part of a group that has a topic related to your product or service be valuable to your business? Most would think so. It gives you the opportunity to build awareness by sharing helpful information in a non-sales way. Other group members will remember you for being helpful when it comes time to buy.

Facebook remains a viable platform for businesses. It delivers the key demographic that most companies want to reach and has significant quantities of fringe demographic groups such as Millennials and Seniors, as well.

The site also features tools such as ads and Promoted Posts to help businesses reach their target markets at an affordable price. If you are looking for a way to build awareness for your business, enhance its online reputation through the posts you make, and reach new potential customers affordably, then you should seriously consider Facebook for your marketing.

Facebook is anything but dead.

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Bob Turner is a Small Business Online Marketing Consultant with Social Flair in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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