Facebook Cuts Organic Reach for Businesses

Facebook Cuts Organic Reach for Businesses

AdWeek.com reports that Facebook is cutting the organic reach for business pages again!

Facebook’s announcement means it will be almost impossible for businesses on the site to reach their fans organically, without using paid advertisements or paid promoted posts.  The social site reports that pages will now only be able to reach between 1 and 2 % of their communities!!

This is astounding news, and it continues the push by Facebook to completely move business pages toward paid reach only.

It wasn’t that long ago that Facebook told businesses they had to move away from profiles and establish their presence on “Pages” that could not interact with users, unless a user had “Liked” the business page.

Facebook told businesses to grow their communities by creating great content to attract fans and build their fan base.  It was all about the content.


Image: AdWeek.com

Then, about two years ago, after allegations that marketers weren’t reaching their communities with their posts, Facebook admitted that business pages were only reaching 16% of their fans.  Marketers grumbled but adjusted and began using paid reach and content strategies to grow their audiences.

Facebook’s announcement, however, shows that the social site does not intend to allow businesses to play for free anymore.

The timing by Facebook is interesting.  The industry’s largest conference of social marketers, Social Media Marketing World, presented by Social Media Examiner, meets next week in San Diego.  It will be interesting to see how this news is greeted there.

To read more, see the story at AdWeek.com.

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