Facebook: Why It’s Still Worth Your Time

Facebook: Why It’s Still Worth Your Time

Is Facebook dead?  With new sites such as Periscope and Blab bursting onto the scene in 2015, some wonder if the social site has seen better days.  Also, lets’s face it, the kids aren’t using it these days.  They are choosing to use apps such as Snapchat or Instagram.  Since it is the young people that drive social media, doesn’t that mean this particular site is on its way out?

Well, don’t you believe it!


The social site isn’t even close to being down.  It has a robust, dedicated community of over 1.4 billion profiles on its network and the number is growing…every five seconds!  That’s right, a new profile is created every time you count to five.  That’s 12 new users every minute, 720 in an hour and 17, 280 each day!  At this rate, the social site will add another 6, 289, 920 new profiles in 2016.

These are hardly the stats of a dying channel.  In addition, its users are right in the middle of the most attractive demographic for marketers.   According to PewInternet.org, Women aged 18 to 64 make up the largest group of its users.  This is the key demo that makes most buying decisions for their families.  In fact, 72% of online American adults use the network.  That’s a pretty big number!

Users are also very active searching for people and businesses.  Each day, one billion searches are conducted!

The social site is also trying to make itself into a useful marketing tool for businesses with its robust search capability and advertising features.


In this week’s episode of Social Monday, co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff take a look at this social media giant and discuss how it remains relevant and worth your time as a marketer.

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Bob Turner is an Online Marketing Consultant with Social Flair in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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