Advice for Social Media Marketers: Get Off Facebook

Advice for Social Media Marketers: Get Off Facebook

MARCH 31, 2014 – Social Media Marketing World kicked off last week in San Diego.  From the opening event aboard the U.S.S. Midway, to the closing sessions on Friday afternoon, the big topic was Facebook.

Facebook and Organic Reach

On March 20, the news about Facebook cutting organic reach for business pages was announced.  Now pages would only be able to reach 1 or 2% of their fans through organic means.

For an industry that was built early on the success of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, this news was greeted with bewilderment and resentment.  Many felt betrayed by the social site.

When attendees asked what social marketers should do about this new move by Facebook, nearly every presenter and industry leader (No names, please) agreed that businesses should no longer make Facebook their main focus.  Some even suggested abandoning the platform all together and concentrating on different social sites, or returning to email marketing.

Remember, many of these people built their reputations and businesses on studying and mastering Facebook marketing.


There were some who suggested using Facebook’s paid advertising and promoted post options to reach new communities.  Then they could move fans to email lists.  This was not a widely held view, though.

I couldn’t help but wonder if all of this talk about leaving the social site had any impact on those decision makers at Facebook.  After all, this was a gathering of nearly 1,800 social media marketers from not just around the country…but from around the world!  We’re a small community and we network with each other quite a bit.

This news is industry-changing for social marketers!

Remember the kind of impact we can have.  We’re the folks that do this type of work for our employers, or who are hired to do it by businesses.  If social marketers are telling their employers and clients to get off this network and not spend any more on paid reach, will that have an impact?

Could it possibly cause the social giant to blink and reconsider their move?  If they don’t businesses may decide to focus their social marketing efforts elsewhere, rather than pay to play.

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Bob Tuner is an Online Marketing Consultant in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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