6 Things to Improve Website Search Rankings

6 Things to Improve Website Search Rankings

Being found in an online search is important to every business today. If your website can’t be found easily, then you are missing out on potential customers who are looking for your products or services. If that’s the case, then it’s time to improve your website search rankings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an industry onto itself. Those professionals who do it have a high-level of knowledge.

I’m not one of those people.

Improving Your Website Search Rankings

But as an online marketer, though, I do know that there are certain things you can do that will improve your company’s website search rankings. These are things that small businesses can handle themselves, in-house.

  1. Organic Website Content – I’ve written about the importance of organic content before. In 2014, Google made changes to their algorithm that placed an emphasis on organic content, not keywords. That means you can write about your products or services without worrying about stuffing the content with keywords. Just describe them organically using one keyword per page.
  2. Google Plus – Google owns the social site Google Plus. It indexes Google Plus when a search is made and rewards businesses that have an active presence there with better search rankings. If you don’t have a Google Plus company page, set one up. It costs nothing. If you have one, make sure you are posting to it frequently and consistently with content that is relevant to your business and your industry.
  3. LinkedIn Company Page – Google indexes LinkedIn, as well. Therefore, your company needs to have an active presence on this site, as well. Setting up a company page on LinkedIn is free. Posting to it is also free and only requires some time and effort, but the return in higher search rankings is worth it!
  4. SlideShare – This site used to be a place to upload and share your power point presentations. Now it has become a legitimate business research site. LinkedIn owns SlideShare and Google indexes this site as well. So, make sure you have an active presence there to get a boost in your search rankings.
  5. Blogging – Blogging is one of the best marketing tools available. If you don’t have one on your site now, it might cost you to get a blog added to your website. But once there, the benefits gotten from blogging are well worth the investment. I’ve written about the advantages of blogging in the past. In regards to SEO, Google rewards those websites that update their content regularly with better rankings. They want those who use their search engine to have a good experience, and feel that websites that update their content are sites that have a level of authority in their field. Thus, those sites get a boost in searches.  If you want to take advantage of the SEO juice that blogging delivers, make sure you write content that is relevant to your product, service or industry. You should also write on a consistent basis, at least one time per week. Over time, Google will reward you for your efforts.
  6. Add Media to Your Website – Having media on your website is another great way to get it boosted in the rankings. When you upload a photo, for example, there are fields that allow you to name it and add descriptive information. Use these. When Google crawls your site, this information will be indexed along with the rest of your content. Adding video or podcasting content is another great way to enhance rankings. The Google algorithm will reward websites with this type of content. Besides, short one- to two-minute videos or podcasts are great assets to employ to describe your brand, products or services.

The Wrap

The items listed above are fairly straight-forward and simple enough for most businesses to do in-house. Some may want to get other professionals involved, such as graphic designers, video producers or social media consultants to get higher-level work done. But even employing these types of vendors will not break your marketing budget.

Over time, though, employing these steps will prove to Google that your business is an authority in its field and deserves to be rewarded with better search rankings.

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Bob Turner is a Digital and Social Media Marketing Consultant with Social Flair.

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