Instagram on Social Monday

Are you an Instagram user? Are you curious how to use it for marketing?

On this week’s podcast episode of Social Monday, Bob Turner and Jason Goff look at this mobile app and examine how businesses are using it to market their products and services.

Instagram as a Marketing Channel

It was launched in 2010 and became such a success that Facebook purchased it for nearly $1billion in 2012! Since the purchase, Instagram has been a significant part of Facebook’s mobile strategy and offerings.  The mobile app is wildly popular with young people under the age of 35.  But marketers should not dismiss it out-of-hand because of its young users.

Millennials use the app more than any other group.  While we all tend to think of them as young, the leading edge of this is group has hit their thirties.  They are working at jobs, earning a living, buying homes and cars and all the other products and services that we all seek with disposable income.  Looking at millennials through that lens, they become an attractive group to market to for some businesses.  To that end, Instagram becomes an attractive channel to reach them.

Why Use Instagram to Reach Millennials?

But, there is another reason this app is becoming more and more valuable to marketers.  Sixty percent of its users are women!  Marketers know that women aged 35 to 55 are the key demographic that makes buying decisions for their families.  Millennials are approaching that age.  Marketing to them now through Instagram will begin the process of building awareness with them and forming that all-in-important top of mind awareness.

On top of all of that, Instagram is a mobile app. That means users will use the app to find products or services that they had come across in the past, as they are out trying to find them.

Instagram is uniquely situated to become the next major platform for marketing with the next major buying demographic.  That should get the attention of every business out there.

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