Online Marketing News: The Wrap from the Week of 4/17/17

The Wrap from the Week of 4/17/17

The Wrap from the Week of 4/17/17

Online Marketing News

Each week Social Flair takes a look at the latest online marketing news impacting search engine optimization, website content and social media.

Killer Uses Facebook Live reports that the video showing alleged shooter Steve Stephens brutally murdering a 74-year-old man remained on Facebook for nearly three hours before it was finally taken down. Some social users are urging others not to view or share this disturbing video.

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Cleveland Cavaliers – Hero Marketing

The NBA Playoffs have begun. Last year’s champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, used content marketing to make their fans the heroes of their story, accepting responsibility for ending it that city’s championship drought. Read about their marketing success at our blog.

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Financial Firms and Social Media

Do you work in the financial industry? Firms have been confused about how to use social media since rules were passed in 2010. has some answers from a recent panel discussion that included FINRA regulators.

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Content Marketing Considerations

Has your business begun publishing content? More and more brands are because of the perceived benefits. Be sure you have a clear understanding of how content will drive your business goals. lists 15 items to help with that.

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Facebook Killer: What Does it Mean for Social Media?

The Facebook Killer case has been in the news all week. The random slaying of Robert Godwin Sr. which was broadcast on Facebook Live raises questions about the role and responsibility of social media. We take a look at what it all means at our blog.

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