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Online Marketing Guys – A Podcast About Online Marketing

Have you listened to a podcast recently?  It is one of the fastest-growing forms of media right now!  We believe in the power of podcasting so much that we produce one of our own!  It’s called Online Marketing Guys

Providing Useful Info

Online Marketing Guys is a weekly online marketing podcast for small businesses.  We understand that the world of online marketing can be pretty confusing.  We discuss one topic each week and break down the strategies and tactics involved, making  it easy for small businesses to apply.  The show delivers useful information on every week in a fun, friendly style.

Bob Turner and Jason Goff

Co-hosts Bob Turner, the founder of Social Flair, and Dino Pelle of Engage321, bring their marketing expertise to the show.  But that’s not all they bring to this podcast.  Bob has over thirteen years of broadcast news experience, and has worked in sales and marketing since 1998.  That background gives him the information gathering and presentation skills, as well as the knowledge base, necessary to produce a show such as Online Marketing Guys.  Dino is the founder and president off Engage321.  He has been working in branding and marketing for over 30 years!  Together, these two professionals deliver a podcast show that is polished, organized and rich in content.

Each week, they discuss industry topics that impact the world of online marketing.

Finding Online Marketing Guys  is easy.  The show is available on iTunes and Stitcher.  You can also listen to each episode here, on our website.  Check out our blog where you can find a post about each episode.  Then click the player at the bottom of each post to hear that particular episode.  Enjoy!

You can also visit OnlineMarketingGuys.net for more details.