Insurance Brokers: Making Social Work

The insurance industry for most people is a grudge buy.  It’s not as much fun as jewelry or a car.  We don’t want to purchase it, but we know we must.  In fact, you could make the argument that such a product would be difficult to market across social media.

Insurance: No Flash, Just Opportunity

“I’d be lying if I said insurance was a sexy industry,” comments social media and digital marketing professional Kat Macaulay.  She was able to have success promoting that industry across social media.  She joins co-hosts Bob Turner and Jason Goff on this week’s episode of Social Monday.

Kat explains that on the surface, insurance can be a dry topic.  But, she explains, because everyone needs it, people will be searching for answers related to it.  “So there’s an opportunity there to be really good at it. So not only as a company to be really good at what we do, but to be very valuable and visible to people online because insurance is extremely confusing and complex.”

Tell Your Company’s Story

Kat’s take was to use social media to tell her company’s story.  She found success by working across the silos inside of her organization and getting buy-in by including others in her efforts.  At first, many didn’t understand the value of building a social media presence.  Kat made sure everybody felt they were a part of this new initiative, though.  She collaborated with others across all departments, and created the Social Media Working Group.  “My job…was keeping our employees in the loop as to what was going on, and understanding what was going on in each department and how we could use that online…They all helped contribute to the content that was happening.”

Kat was able to build a robust social media presence for her brokerage.  Listen to this episode to learn more about how she was able to work within the corporate structure to create a vibrant online presence.

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