Doing Social Media Right is Like Working in a Newsroom

Doing Social Media Right is Like Working in a Newsroom

I often get asked what is the best approach for businesses that use social media and blogging?  I see similarities between social media programs that work well, and a newsroom’s operation.

The mission of TV, radio and print newsrooms is to provide “news.”  The word itself tells you the type of content they provide.  New or interesting content that is relevant to their geographic audience. Content marketers writing blogs and developing content for social media  should be thinking along the same lines.

The content that a news operation develops is chosen by using a set of rules that guide the editorial staff to determine what should be covered and what should not. For example, any story that impacts a large number of people would definitely be included.  A story about a major employer closing their doors for good would certainly be the top story for that day.

Content marketers at a business should be looking to do the same. Their goal should be to provide useful information to their online audience that provides them with useful information about your product, service or industry. Create a strategy that defines what content you will include that will keep your audience coming back for more.

Your social media or marketing manager should act like a newsrooms editor, determining the type of content to post. Businesses should share information that compliments their product, service or industry while also serving your marketing goals.

Use an editorial calendar to plan out your content in advance.  If you set it up correctly, you’ll be able to see that every post serves your content and marketing goals.  Newsrooms do the same thing each day when they prepare their list of stories to cover, or their rundown.

Once the rundown is prepared, reporters and photographers are assigned to cover those stories.  Content marketers will be doing the same thing when they gather their content to be shared.

In a newsroom, the next step is writing the story.  For marketers, this is the same as writing your post.  For news operations, all of these tasks culminate with the a newscast, or a print publication.  For marketers, the end result is clicking the post button.

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Bob Turner is a Digital Marketing Consultant with Social Flair, LLC.

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