User Generated Content on Online Marketing Guys – Social Flair

User Generated Content on Online Marketing Guys – Social Flair

JUNE 28, 2017 – Some of the most important content you can have associated with your brand is not content your business will create.  It’s actually done by your customers in the form of User Generated Content.

Co-hosts Bob Turner and Ronda van Buren talk about this growing form of marketing on this episode of Online Marketing Guys.  You can listen by clicking the “Play” button below.

User Generated Content

Simply put, User Generated Content is content that is generated by your customers and posted online.  It includes things such as photos, videos, reviews or text.  But the important fact is that it was created and posted by your customers who are either enjoying your product or service, or expressing their positive feelings towards it.

Ideally theUser Generated Content will contain a hashtag that the business creates and asks customers to use.  A good example would be vacationers using a hashtag with the name of their hotel: #Loving-Marriott.  The hashtag doesn’t just show customers satisfaction, though.  By searching for the hashtag, companies can see just how successful the campaign is.

Putting it Into Action

Businesses are becoming more and more savvy in how they are moving customers toward posting User Generated Content.  Zoos, amusement parks and other entertainment venues have cut outs on the premises where people can stick their heads and upper bodies through and take a photo.  The cut out, of course, has the name of the business and possibly the hashtag of the campaign.

Other locations are actually creating “selfie spots”with some type of branded signage where customers go to take a beautiful photo.  Some businesses post signs asking customers to use a particular hashtag.

The Wrap

If you want your customers to postUser Generated Content, be creative.  Create a hashtag for your campaign, and think of ways to ask them to use that hashtag.  Also consider giving them something when they do.  It’s a very effective way to get people to take action.

Listen to this episode by clicking “Play” below.

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Bob Turner is a Digital Marketing Consultant with Social Flair Marketing.

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