Online Marketing Consultant Bob Turner

Helping Businesses Be Found

Bob Turner is a small business online marketing consultant and the founder of Social Flair.  He started the firm with the mission of helping businesses be found online.

What Makes an Online Marketing Consultant?

Bob has an Advanced Social Media Marketing (CSMA)  certification from the eMarketing Association.  He is also a Search Engine Optimization Certified Professional, receiving that distinction from

Bob is also a founding member of the Social Media Marketing Society, a professional organization for social media marketers.

Bob is a highly trained online marketing professional.  He has been practicing in this area since 2008 and has successfully completed training courses in social media management, LinkedIn services, Facebook Advertising and SEO.  Further, he takes on-going education seriously.  Bob attends at least two professional conferences each year.

Bob has developed a proprietary three-pronged approach that combines SEO strategies, content marketing and social media to help your website get found.  Read the how this method has delivered results for one Social flair client.

Bob is a prolific content creator, as well.  He writes for Social Flair’s blog on a weekly basis.  Bob also contributes regularly to LinkedIn Pulse.  But he is not tied to text alone. Online Marketing Guys is a weekly podcast co-produced by Social Flair. It provides tips and information related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content marketing and social media.  You can listen to individual episodes at our blog.


Bob has a background in television news, sales and marketing and has years of communication and messaging experience.  This has given Bob’s content a journalist’s style.  He has experience creating content for multiple industries including, health care, professional coaching, security, banking, cable TV, day care, dental, financial, food and beverage, medical device, legal, semiconductor, and military.

By using SEO, Content Marketing and Social Media strategies, Bob and his team can help your business get found online.  If you want to reach and engage new customers, then you need to be found!

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