Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing: Get Found!

What can small business marketing service do for you?

Let’s think about your typical day.  There is not enough time, is there?

This is the Number 1 concern we hear when meeting with small business owners.   Not only do they have the work of their business to perform, but they also have to carry out many of the back office functions such as invoicing, payroll, planning, hiring, firing marketing and advertising. It’s a lot for one person and trying to do it all takes time…sometimes too much!

While the desire might be there to have a robust social media and online presence, for many small business owners, there simply isn’t enough time to get up-to-speed to do the job effectively.

What Social Flair Does

That’s where we can help.  The Social Flair team specializes in providing small business marketing services.

We bring together business experience, marketing knowledge, and cutting-edge content marketing, blogging and social media strategies that enhance your online presence.

This mix builds awareness for your brand, establishes your business as an industry expert and helps you get found online!  The result: A strong online presence and a website that works for you.

Who We Are

Social Flair is a small business working with other small businesses. We’re proud of that fact and we work with our clients in an individual fashion. From providing an online marketing consultation, to a social strategy that you can do yourself, to employee training, or a complete social media program implementation, we can customize our small business marketing services so you only get what you need.

We work with you how you want, when you want.

We Are Who We Say We are

Take a look at our client testimonials to see how we are different from other social media and online marketing firms [link to What Makes Us different page]. Read our blog posts to discover our expertise. Listen to our podcast, Social Monday, to hear how passionate we are about social media and online marketing.

Then call us at 513-237-5530, or send an email to