Why Choose Us?

It’s a common question: “What makes Social Flair different?  Why should we work with you instead of someone else?”  Here’s why Social Flair can help your business.


Bob Turner has been working in marketing since 2000 and in online marketing since 2008.  He is an experienced social media, content creation and SEO professional.  He’s certified in Advanced Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization.  His team is experienced, as well.  In fact, it’s our traditional marketing experience that sets us apart from other, younger firms.


Our team is highly trained.  We believe in education first, client application second.  To that end, our team receives continuing education every year whether it be conferences or online trainings.


We admit it, we’re small.  We’re not a large Cincinnati online marketing firm.  Social Flair is a small business working with other small businesses helping them get found online.  While we might be small, we have the resources to address your needs.  Our size means we’re nimble.  If your organization needs something done quickly, we’re there for you.  Capacity is not an issue, either.  We have strategic partnerships with hundreds of online marketing professionals, each an expert in what they do!

Our size also means that we are much more in tune with our clients and their needs.  They are not faceless files for whom we impersonally post.  We have a connection with them.  We know them and we don’t want to let them down.

You’ll also have access to the owner, Bob Turner.  He may even pick up the phone.  We might have a small team, but we know our stuff!

The Bottom Line for Social Flair

This is Bob’s take:

“I’m mature.  I’m experienced.  I’m honest.  I work really hard.  I take the job seriously and I treat people fairly.  Anyone on my team needs to have these qualities, too.  I think this is how you best serve clients!”